AzMERIT for 2016

Madison students showed impressive increases on the recent AzMERIT test, surpassing the state average by as much as 21% in some areas. Standardized testing isn’t anyone’s favorite subject, but it helps us ensure our students are on the right track for high school, college, and beyond – and Madison students are. We understand that not all students are strong test takers, which is why assessments are just one tool we use when analyzing the academic needs of our students.

Individual student reports are being mailed in the coming weeks, or will be available to pick up during school registration. If you have any questions about your child, please contact your principal.

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To help prepare for AzMERIT, information and resources are highlighted. Several commonly asked questions and answers regarding AzMERIT are provided below. The source for this information was the Arizona Department of Education, and more resources for students and families can be found at

The best preparation for the new state assessment is a Madison student’s yearlong participation in our engaging, quality instructional programs. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast following a full night’s sleep and coming to school on time will help students perform to their potential on the day of the test. We greatly appreciate your partnership in helping your child arrive ready to showcase their learning.

If you have any questions about the new assessment, please visit the AzMERIT website, your school website, or be sure to contact your school office.


What is AzMERIT?
AzMERIT is a test intended to provide engaging questions and measure critical thinking skills for college and career readiness. AzMERIT is aligned to Arizona’s state learning standards which detail what students should be able to do at each grade level. The test is designed to measure student learning and progress towards readiness for college or career. For students in grades three through eight, AzMERIT replaces AIMS for reading, writing, and math. This means students will no longer take AIMS for these subject areas, but students in grades four and eight will continue to take the AIMS Science test.

What is the new test like?

AzMERIT is designed to be a better indicator of what students have learned during the school year. AzMERIT has a computer-based and paper-based version. The writing portion will require students to read a few passages and then write about them. This type of task requires students to think deeper about topics and use evidence from the passages to support their thinking. The reading portion will require students to read text and answer questions about the provided text. The reading test will also contain editing tasks to measure student awareness of fundamental skills like spelling and grammar. The AzMERIT mathematics test will ask questions that check a student’s conceptual understanding of mathematics as well as their procedural skills.

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How will district, school, and student performance be different because of AzMERIT?
During this assessment transition, The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) will not be reporting a district or school A-F Letter Grade for this school year, schools will still be held accountable for many measures not impacted by the new AzMERIT assessment such as graduation rate and English language proficiency. The 2014-2015 AzMERIT data was used to set baseline data for student achievement and letter are scheduled to be produced by the ADE after the 2016-2017 school year.

AzMERIT Resources:
AzMERIT Resources: