NameWebsitePhone/ExtRoom #Position
Andrews, AnnaWebsite602-664-7622C227th & 8th Social Studies
Arneson, Adam602-664-7621A1 East5th - 8th BD Self-Contained
Bates, RickWebsite602-664-7645A116th Social Studies
Bloom, Mary BethWebsite602-664-7629D297th Science & Honors Science
Bondeson, AmyWebsite602-664-7608A86th Math / 5th & 6th Honors Math
Boomer, ShannonWebsite602-664-7623C237th Math
Bottoms, MattWebsite602-664-7659J555th & 8th Math / Athletic Director
Bradley, CynthiaWebsite602-664-7609A96th Science & Social Studies
Bradshaw, AmberWebsite602-664-7652D328th LA
Brown, JoelWebsite602-664-7617B175th - 8th Band & Music / 7th & 8th Chorus
Carpenter, TravisWebsite602-664-7649D318th Social Studies
Coffinger, DanielWebsite602-664-7634D347th & 8th Honors Math / 8th Math
Cohen, LizWebsite602-664-7604A45th LA & Social Studies / Odyssey of the Mind
Coughlin, VictoriaWebsite602-664-7672D28 EastIB Coordinator
Dougherty, CristinWebsite602-664-7646C205th & 8th Spanish
Esquivel, Jerry602-664-7690Plant Foreman
Estrada Duran, Hugo602-664-7643A1 West5th - 8th ED Self-Contained
Goff, MattWebsite602-664-7653J535th Math / Honors Science
Gonzalez, FayeWebsite602-664-7600Vision
Haddox, TraciWebsite602-664-7600 Ext 0OfficeSecretary / Registrar / Activity Fees
Harbottle, MollyWebsite602-664-7635D357th & 8th Science
Irizarry, SarahWebsite602-664-7658Gym5th & 8th PE
Johnson, PhilWebsite602-664-7667Gym6th & 7th PE
Lamb, RyanWebsite602-664-7612A126th LA / Honors Science
Luke, MollieWebsite602-664-7654J545th LA & Social Studies
Mann, LauraWebsite602-664-7614A14Speech Language Pathologist
McClure, Dr. NoelWebsite602-664-7607A76th Math & Science
Mohn, Kelsey602-664-7631OfficePsychologist
Moreno, CatiWebsite602-664-7627D27District Hearing Specialist
Murphy, JohnWebsite602-664-7628D28 West5th - 8th Keyboarding / Technology / Yearbook
Nolan, LindaWebsite602-664-7697CafeteriaCafeteria Manager
Nunley, Kristen602-664-7647C216th & 7th Spanish
Olson, SteveWebsite602-664-7627D27Adapted Physical Education Teacher
Peoples, Ginny602-664-7620Nurse's OfficeAttendance Clerk
Perreault, Jennifer602-664-7600Office Assistant Principal
Poginy, ReneeWebsite602-664-7633D337th & 8th Honors LA / 8th LA / NJHS
Priest, TiffanyWebsite602-664-7603A35th & 6th Resource
PTM, CarrieWebsite602-664-7600PTM President
Roberts, MaeWebsite602-664-7618C187th & 8th Resource
Robuck, LaurenWebsite602-664-7626D265th - 8th SC Cross Categorical
Rowell, MariaWebsite602-664-7640Media CenterLibrary Associate
Samuel, DouglasWebsite602-664-7638D388th Math & Science / 8th Honors Science / Robotics Club
Seivert, Sharon602-664-7641Nurse's OfficeNurse
Starkey, MariahWebsite602-664-7632E405th - 8th Art
Stevens, JamailaWebsite602-664-7636D367th LA
Summerville, KristinaWebsite602-664-7670B41 / Cafeteria MAC Coordinator
Transportation, .Website602-664-7701
Vacanti, ClaireWebsite602-664-7624C247th Social Studies
Vakula, AlexandraWebsite602-664-7605A55th Science & LA
Vermeersch, BrittanyWebsite602-664-7606A65th & 6th Honors LA / 5th LA
Voss, ScottWebsite602-664-7677Computer Lab5th - 8th Technology
Weed, Maclane602-664-7603A35th & 6th Resource
Whitney, DeshaWebsite602-664-7644A106th LA & Social Studies / Student Council