Madison Simis is a Preschool through Fourth Grade school in the Madison School District with approximately 960 students. Built in 1953, Simis Elementary has long been a symbol of excellence in education. Many students of today have parents, or grandparents who attended Simis Elementary. Alumni move back to attend Simis to give their children an opportunity to have the same rich educational experience they enjoyed.

Taking a walk across our campus reveals a great deal about the atmosphere here. Our students demonstrate respect for others and are eager to accomplish great things. Our staff works as a team with parents and community members. In the classroom, a visitor would see a bustle of purposeful activity and students being responsible for their own learning, guided by an experienced and caring teacher. There are always parents on campus, tutoring in the classroom, helping in the office or sometimes just eating lunch with their children.

Simis is committed to the ongoing professional development of its staff. We have two Instructional Coaches who support not only professional learning, but serve to assist all teachers with offering curriculum and instruction “best practices” to meet the needs of all of our students.

Technology also plays an important role in our classrooms. Simis offers six student computers in every classroom. Our computer lab is outfitted with the latest technology as well as a new LCD projector. The lab houses over 30 student computers and each teacher is afforded the opportunity to visit the computer lab with students once every 6 days. Also available is a wireless mobile lab, Computers on Wheels (COWS) complete with laptops for each students and a printer. Overhead projectors, Smart Boards, and telephones in each classroom provide additional connectivity.

Simis Elementary is ever changing and growing to meet the needs of its students. Committed to developing their own expertise, teachers spend time on continuing education throughout the school year. Staff is on campus early and late working to provide the best instruction that will challenge and motivate their students. Our parent group (PATS) helps to make available opportunities for our students to enrich their learning through field trips, guest speakers, and cultural performances.

You can support Madison Simis to fund this project through e-scrip. If you shop at Safeway or Bashas you can contribute up to 3% of the amount you spend on groceries at Safeway and it costs you nothing! If you are interested call Leeann Spangler at (602) 274-3571 or check out the program at Our group number is 6564349. This program is available for anyone, and is a great way to support your school!

Another easy way to support Simis is through Kid’s Credit, the Arizona Department of Revenue. You (or anyone you know) may contribute to Kid’s Credit. This program allows you to give up to $400 (if filing jointly) or $200 (if filing singly) to Simis and you will receive a dollar for dollar credit. This means, when you file your taxes you will receive the money back or a credit. This program supports our fourth grade field trips as well as the Simis Learning Sessions. Some employers match your donation dollar for dollar. Please check the form on the Madison School District website for more information.

Simis Elementary is an exciting and wondrous experience. I am certain that as you explore our website and school that you will feel the excitement and energy that exists here. Go Simis Cyclones!