Built in 1953, Madison Simis School is named after Richard C. SimisRichard c. Simis. Mr. Simis had served as a member of the Madison School District Board of trustees for seven and a half years before passing away suddenly in 1952 at the age of 46.

Twenty acres were originally purchased near Glendale and 7th Street in 1950 for $38,000 with a portion of the land to be re-sold by the district. The land was owned by Frank C. Brophy, president of the Bank of Douglas. The land was purchased with proceeds of a recent bond sale. Simis jan 1953

After selling off a portion of the site, 12 acres remained between then-Conway Lane and Myrtle Avenue and 7th and 10th Streets.

In July 1952, Madison was the recipient of a $318,000 federal grant to go towards the construction of Madison Simis School. The grant was given due to local federal activity which increased the school population. Bond proceeds covered the rest of the $687,000 project.

Simis GroundbreakingGroundbreaking occurred on December 29, 1952. Scott Simis, son of the late Richard C. Simis broke ground while others working on the project looked on.

Designed by architects Fred Guirey, Ralph Haver, Harold Ekman, and Edward Varney and constructed by Farmer & Godfrey Construction Co, the school would accommodate 1,110 students.

It originally contained over 25 classrooms, a 350 student capacity cafetorium, and an administration building.Simis construction