Back to School FAQ

  • Back to School information will be updated regularly and is subject to change. 

    When will in-person classes begin?

    In order to prioritize the safety of our students and staff, the Governing Board voted on and approved the delay of in-person learning until the end of the 1st Quarter (October 2) unless the data show it is safe to reopen sooner. All students will begin learning online on August 11.

    My student plans to attend in-person classes. Do I need to register my student for the Madison Virtual Academy (MVA) to receive online learning until in-person classes begin?

    NO. If your student plans to attend in-person, do not sign up for the MVA. Online learning will be provided for all students until in-person classes begin.

    Will all students have access to online learning between August 11 and the start of in-person classes?

    Yes. All students will participate in online learning. 

    What is the learning platform students will use for online learning?

    All students will be using Schoology for online learning. This is the same platform that will be used for Madison Virtual Academy when in-person learning resumes.

    Will the District provide Chromebooks for students?

    Yes, students will have the opportunity to pick-up a Chromebook. 

    Can I use my own device to access online learning? What are the requirements? 

    Yes, students can use any device to access online learning. Students will need access to the Internet.