2020-2021 Preschool FAQ

  • Can my preschool physically go to school on August 11th?

    Yes.  In person childcare will be offered on select campuses starting August 11th.

    How do I set up a lunch account for my child?

    You will need your students date of birth as well as their student ID number to create a Titan account.  You can get your child’s student ID number from their preschool teacher. More information can be found on our Food & Nutrition page

    Does preschool have an online option similar to the MVA?

    Preschool students will have an option to attend school online.  Parents will pay the half-day rate for the online option and will need to commit to attending online for the entire first quarter (August 11-October 2)

    What does the online option look like for preschool parents?

    Preschool curriculum lessons and activities will be provided through an online platform. Our Madison early childhood teachers will record four different segments of learning each day for your child. This will include circle time, the lesson of the day, a story, and an activity. You can watch those videos at your convenience with your child. Your teacher will also schedule opportunities for them to participate live during different times of the week.

    It is critical that you participate in these activities together with your preschooler. You will be contacted by your child’s preschool teacher before August 11 with further instructions.

    Can I opt out of the online option and return when in-person classes resume?

    No.  Parents must pay and participate in the online learning to return to classes when we resume.  If parents decide to withdraw from online instruction, re-enrollment is based on availability when we return. If you’d like to attend full day when we resume, we will adjust the tuition at that time. We will inform parents when a timeline is available.

    Will a laptop be provided for my preschooler?

    At this time, a laptop will not be provided to preschool students.

    If I register online will I lose my priority for kindergarten?

    No.  Participating in the online option will hold your child’s in person spot and will maintain your priority spot into kindergarten.

    Will I lose my priority for Kindergarten if I completely withdraw from preschool?

    Yes. Priority registration for kindergarten is based on preschool attendance when open enrollment begins in December for at least half of the school year.  Students that withdraw and do not attend preschool August-December will not be eligible for priority registration to the kindergarten of their choice in Madison.  Madison schools do take open enrollment and parents would need to follow that process to enroll in kindergarten. 

    Can I pay to hold my spot but not send my student?

    According to our preschool handbook students must maintain a minimum of 85% attendance to remain in our preschool program.  If a student is registered and does not attend they will be withdrawn. Participation will be tracked for online students. 

    If I withdraw can I re-enroll when COVID gets better?

    Enrollment is always based on availability.  We will take new registrations through the end of February. If our classes are full you can be placed on a waiting list. 

    If I start my child in-person, and things get worse can I pick online later?

    No.  If you choose to start in person you cannot transfer to online later. We will be adjusting rosters and we can’t make changes based on parent preference.  With that being said….If things get worse and the Governor shuts the State down, we will provide online services to ALL students.

    My child is a late start, so I’m paying half day anyway.  Can I still access the online materials?

    Yes.  Our 3 year old licensing requirements are only for in-person.  Parents will have access to the recorded videos if they register for the online portion.  Students that are not yet 3 will not be assessed or required to meet the attendance expectations, but they can at least see the material.

    Can I use my scholarship online?

    No.  Scholarships must be used for in person attendance.

    Will the iPads be cleaned between parent sign in/outs?

    Yes.  We are working on securing pens for the iPads and will wipe down both the iPads and the pens between each use.

    Do masks need to match school uniforms?

    No!  We are excited to see the fun designs your children have picked.  We also hope that  by allowing students to wear fun masks, they will be more excited to wear them.

    Will alternative schedules be offered (e.g.,  ⅔ days per week)?

    Our curriculum is scaffolded and requires 5 days per week attendance.  Students that only attend a few days per week miss valuable learning and will fall behind.  This is true for both in-person and online classes.

    Will my child need to wear a mask for nap time?

    Children will not wear their masks during nap time.  To help reduce risk, we will ensure that students’ faces are 6 ft. apart to maintain physical distancing during nap time.  Procedures are in place to teach the students how to safely remove their masks and have a safe place for them during nap time. 

    Is it safe for my child to participate in strenuous outdoor physical activity with a mask?

    Yes.  After conferring with Madison’s doctor panel, they have shared research that oxygen levels are not impacted with the wearing of a cloth mask.  This includes during strenuous physical activity.  They feel wearing masks are safe for students during recess as we cannot maintain 6 ft. physical distancing. 

    What happens if my child has a hard time wearing a mask?

    We will teach them!  This is what we do best in preschool. We teach through modeling and reminders.  Students at this age adapt quickly to new experiences. We will use age appropriate stories to explain the importance and remind them until they adapt. 

    How will I be notified if someone in class tests positive?

    The Madison School District has implemented communication procedures for students who test positive for COVID-19.  Additionally, DHS requires us to notify parents of any contagious disease in the class.  Notifications will be sent via email as well as a posted on the door of the school campus.

    How will my child with food allergies be protected if they are eating in the classroom?

    Students will be eating at least 6 ft. apart from each other due to masking expectations.  Students are required to use soap and water to wash their hands before and after eating instead of using hand sanitizer, as hand washing does a better job of removing the allergens. We can ask that other parents in the class do not send food with the allergen to class.  We cannot guarantee classes will be entirely ‘free’ from the allergen. 

    What will happen if a student gets sick during the day?

    Students showing any sign of illness will be immediately removed from the classroom and taken up to the site coordinator.  The site coordinator will work closely with the school nurse who is the COVID contact for the campus.  If a student needs to be sent home. we will follow the expectations set forth in the District plan. 

    Will classroom ratios be reduced?

    At this time, our 3 year old classes will have up to 20 children and 2 staff members. 4-5 year old classes will have up to 22 children with 2 staff members. 

    How will you support the social/emotional needs of students as well as phonological skills with masks on?

    Our staff is working with local early childhood educators to ensure our students continue to get the modeling of proper articulation that they need.  Our teachers will continue to build on our strong social emotional curriculum to ensure students know how to deal with anxiety and concerns regarding this new school environment. 

    Are you taking temperatures or doing health screenings when students arrive at school?

    We will not be taking temperatures at drop off. According to doctors, many people who have COVID do not develop temperatures until later in the illness, if at all.   All parents will sign off stating they will check their students for illness prior to taking them to school.  You can use the CDC’s ‘Self-Checker’ as a guideline on what to look for.  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html

    How will I drop off/pick up my preschooler?

    Parents will not be allowed to enter far onto campus.  When you arrive, someone will be stationed on the preschool playground.  Gates to the playground will be opened so you do not have to enter the building.  You will sign your child in on the ipad and a staff member will walk your child to their classroom.

    At the end of the day, you will come into a designated area (varies by campus).  A staff member will then go get your child to bring them to the designated area for you to take home.  

    Anyone picking up or dropping off when on campus MUST wear a mask.

    Will there be an orientation or a way for us to see the classroom/meet the teacher?

    Yes.  We are working on a virtual orientation for all classrooms to go over changes and general information.  After that meeting, there will be a sign-up for parents that want to bring their child into the classroom to meet the teacher.  These will be spaced out so that we can physically distance in the classroom.  Masks will be required for this visit. 

    How can I drop off my preschooler on the first day when they don’t know where to go?

    Our experienced staff can help!  We know the first day of school is a big deal and this year brings its own challenges. Your child will be walked to their specific room by a staff member and will be cared for as they transition to the new classroom.  The biggest thing you can do is talk about it ahead of time.  If you do come to meet the teacher ahead of time, walk through the process of where they will be dropped off.  Tell them (and us) what time you will be back (after snack, playground, etc). 

    What are the procedures for eating lunch?

    All students will eat lunch and snacks in the classroom.  Since students need to have their masks off while they eat, they will eat in shifts so they can remain 6 ft away from other students while eating.  Students will still have the option of purchasing cafeteria lunch or bringing their lunch from home.