On-Site Online Learning FAQ

  • What is on-site online learning?

    The on-site online learning option, per the Governor’s Executive Order, will be available to meet the needs of students who qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch, or students who receive Special Education Services, or students who are English Language Learners (ELL), or students in the care of the Department of Child Safety. While the on-site online learning option is intended to meet the needs of the students listed above, the Executive Order requires that this accommodation be available to every student.

    Will teachers be supervising students?

    No, students will learn online with their teachers and will be supervised by support staff (e.g., food service employees, transportation staff, paraprofessionals, etc.). No academic support will be provided on-site.

    Will my student be learning at his/her school?

    No. Students will learn online at centralized locations in the District (e.g., gyms, cafeterias, the Center for the Arts, etc.).

    Where will these locations be?

    Your child will be assigned a location for on-site, online learning. Students will be assigned to locations in the following order: Camelview, Park, Rose Lane, No 1., Center for the Arts, based on availability.

    Why can't my child go to their school? I don't want to send my child to another location.

    Because of the limited number of staff available to supervise students, the District has to consolidate locations based on the highest population of “vulnerable” students, as defined in the Governor’s Executive Order. 

    Will my student learn online in a classroom?

    Due to the number of students who could potentially attend on-site online learning, and due to limited staff availability, students will learn together in a cafeteria/gym of a school or at at the Center for the Arts.

    Can I request my child be in a classroom and not the cafeteria?

    Because the District has a limited number of staff, classrooms will not be used for on-site online learning.

    Will grade levels be combined?

    Yes, this is a possibility depending on the number of students attending on-site and support staff available to supervise students.

    Will students be physically distanced?

    Due to the number of students who could be present each day, physical distancing will more than likely not be possible. Students will be required to wear a mask, practice proper hygiene and follow the guidelines in the School Opening Plan.

    Will students be required to wear a mask?

    Yes, students and staff are required to wear a mask the entire day.  If a student does not bring a face covering, one will be provided.

    Will my child get mask breaks?

    Depending on the supervision that is available to properly supervise students that need a mask break.

    Will students participate in recess?

    Recess is not guaranteed, but will be provided as feasible.

    What physical activities are guaranteed?

    There are no guarantees for physical activity due to limited staffing.

    Will students have time to socialize during the day?

    In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, students will focus on their online learning and have limited interaction with peers. Socializing will also be difficult, as each site will house K-8 grade students.

    Will my child be able to sit with their friends or siblings?

    It is highly unlikely that students will sit with friends. The District will do everything possible to keep siblings together but we cannot guarantee that will happen.

    Will social and emotional learning be addressed?

    The online platform incorporates social and emotional learning, but there will be no additional social and emotional learning occurring on-site.

    How will lunch be served?

    Depending on the location, lunch will more than likely be a grab and go for the students to then return to their assigned seat to eat their meals.

    Will I need to sign my student in and out each day?

    If you pick up and drop off your child, you will need to sign your student in and out.

    Can my child walk or ride their bike to school?

    Bus transportation will be available for students. If parents do not use bus transportation that is provided, they will need to sign their students in and out. Therefore, students cannot walk or ride their bike to school without a parent.

    Will there be crossing guards?


    Will K-8 Childcare be available?

    Yes, kindergarten through eighth grade students will have access to the MAC Before and After School Program, at the regular rate.  

    Will I know if anyone tests positive?

    Those who have been exposed to someone testing positive will be notified per CDC guidelines.

    What happens if there is an outbreak?

    At this time, there are no benchmarks available for the District to determine what constitutes an outbreak. By August 7, the State will release those benchmarks.