NWEA MAP Testing Information for Families

  • Dear Madison School District (MSD) Parents and Guardians,

    Welcome back to school! We are so excited that the new school year has begun and we would like to share some information regarding an upcoming online assessment.

    The Governor's Executive Orders outlines a plan for the safe reopening of Arizona schools. Part of the plan requires all school districts to conduct academic benchmark assessments within the first six weeks of the 20-21 school year for all students.

    Three times a year, MSD participates in the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment. These assessments are administered in the fall, winter, and spring.

    Madison students have been participating in NWEA MAP assessments over the past several years. Because of the reliability and accuracy of this assessment we will use it to conduct our state mandatory academic benchmark testing.

    For students returning to Madison, this will be a familiar assessment to them. However, we recognize this assessment tool may be unfamiliar to many parents whether your child is a new student with us or a returning student. For all students, as a result of this unprecedented time, this will be the first time they are accessing this assessment online from a place other than their typical classroom setting.

    To help parents understand this assessment and how they can help student success, we have gathered the following information.

    What Is NWEA MAP?

    NWEA MAP is a computer adaptive assessment given three times per year. It measures student academic growth over time. Learn more about NWEA MAP here.

    How Are The Results Used?

    NWEA MAP provides easy-to-use, standards-aligned reports that give teachers the information needed to determine appropriate academic content over the school year. NWEA MAP provides reliable insights that make it simple for teachers to plan for instruction and see what students are ready to learn next. Administrators use the context provided in higher-level reports to drive improvement across educational systems that affect the entire school.

    Why Is This Assessment Important?

    While many assessments measure achievement, this assessment also measures academic progress and growth over time. We understand the instinct to help your child be successful as a parent, however, it is imperative that you do not help your child answer any questions they may be unsure or confused about. When students answer questions to the best of their ability, MAP provides reliable insights making it simple for teachers to plan differentiated instruction, develop interventions for struggling students, and determine what students are ready to learn next.

    How Can I Help My Child During The Assessment?

    • My child is frustrated or stuck on a question?
      • You may give your child words of encouragement and assurance, such as, “Try your best!” or “Choose the option that makes the most sense.”

    • My child is struggling with the mouse and/or computer functions?
      • Your child will see not only multiple choice questions, but questions that expect them to drag and drop answers, choose words or phrases within a text, and other technology-embedded items. You are welcome to provide your child with “tech support”, but please be cautious to not give answers away to your child while helping.

    • My child asks me “What does this say?” or “What does this mean?”
      • Many directions and questions on MAP will come accompanied by a speaker button that reads portions of text aloud. Encourage and remind your child to use them to the fullest extent. If there is a word or phrase that is not read aloud, and your child still does not know how to read it, you may not read it aloud to them. In regards to questions of “what does this word mean?”, please encourage your child to use context clues to understand.

    When Is The Assessment?

    Your child’s teacher will let you know when their assessment will occur.

    Will I Receive Copies Of The Assessment Results?

    You may request a copy of your child’s assessment results from their teacher.

    Although the NWEA MAP assessment is web-based and should work on most devices, we recommend that students use district issued Chromebooks to access the assessment.

    For more information visit the Madison NWEA MAP Support website.

    The Madison NWEA MAP Support website will allow you to:

    • Access a NWEA MAP Assessment Checklist
    • Access the practice test
    • Connect to greater resources related to NWEA MAP

    Parent/Family Toolkit

    Parent/Family Tool Kit

    MSD MAP Website

    Madison School District MAP Website