At-Home Online Learning FAQ

  • If I choose at-home online learning for my student, can he/she switch to in-person learning?

    By completing the Google Form, your student will learn online at home through the end of the first semester (December 18, 2020). Once you submit the request for at-home online learning, it is finalized and cannot be changed until the second semester (January 4, 2021).

    Do I need to complete the online Google Form if my child will attend in-person?

    No. Please complete the at-home online learning Google Form only if you would like your child to learn online at home.

    When will I know my child’s schedule/teacher?

    Schools will communicate a detailed schedule and plan once the online student numbers are finalized. Students may remain with their same teacher or be placed with a different teacher.

    What is the deadline for signing up for at-home online learning?

    Please complete the sign-up form by Friday, September 11.

    What schedule will the online school day follow?

    Online learning will be tailored to best fit the needs of every child. Families are encouraged to work with their child’s assigned teacher to determine the best combination of live/independent work.

    Will Signature Programs & Specials be offered online?

    Yes, Signature Programs and Specials will continue to be offered online.

    When will in-person learning resume?

    School will resume in-person when the benchmarks approved by the Governing Board are met. This date will be communicated as soon as the data indicates that it is safe to return.