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Madison School District Finances

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Where Does School Funding Come From?

In Arizona, school funding primarily comes from state and local sources based on a combination of funding from the state general fund and local property taxes.

Some federal funding is allocated to Arizona schools to support specific programs and initiatives, such as Title I funding for schools with a high proportion of students from low-income families. Schools also apply for grants to support specific programs and initiatives.

The state allocates funding to school districts through a formula based on factors such as student enrollment, student needs (such as English language learners and students with disabilities), and other district characteristics.

Local funding for schools in Arizona comes mostly from property taxes collected within each school district. 

Bonds & Overrides

School bond and override initiatives are another important source of funding for schools as they provide additional resources beyond what is provided by the state funding formula. There are restrictions on what types of projects bond and overrides can fund.

A bond provides the district additional funding for capital items such as school renovations and building improvements, school security enhancements, equipment and technology, and school buses. Bonds are sold to fund projects and are then repaid over time through property taxes. 

A school override is a voter-approved increase to the school district's budget and provides additional funding above that provided by the state funding formula. The additional funding is paid through local property taxes. Override funding supports the operations of the district such as salaries, curriculum, and student and staff support.

Both school bond and override initiatives require voter approval during local elections when voters have the opportunity to decide whether to support or reject them. 

Bonds and overrides provide valuable funding to support the safety, maintenance, infrastructure, and operations of schools and enhance educational opportunities and experiences for students.