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The Madison Center for the Arts

Inside of the Madison Center for the Arts theater

Welcome to The Madison Center for the Arts

The Madison Center for the Arts plays a valuable role within the Madison School District, serving as the center for artistic expression. By providing a state-of-the art facility for student performances and community shows and events, the center fosters a strong connection between the arts, our students and families, and our community.

The arts support student achievement by enhancing critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative expression. Participation in arts-related activities supports academic performance and overall well-being among students. By integrating the arts into the educational experience, the Madison Center for the Arts enriches the learning environment for our students and provides them with unique opportunities for personal and artistic development.

Madison students have opportunities not only to perform on stage, but to see shows and participate in MasterClasses hosted by professional artists, musicians, actors, dancers, and more. Students in the Crew (theater production) class at Madison No. 1 have the opportunity to build sets, call cues and learn the technical skills required to produce stage performances.

The Madison Center for the Arts opened in 2018 and features a 904 seat auditorum. The facility is owned by the Madison School District and was made possible through the support of voters in the community.

Please visit The Madison Center for the Arts website to learn more about the facility, community rental opportunities and purchase tickets to upcoming shows.