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At Madison School District, we believe that the voice and involvement of our community, staff, and families is crucial to our success. We offer a variety of opportunities to collaborate, provide input, and engage, allowing all groups to have a voice. By working together, we can ensure that our programs meet the needs of our community and provide the best possible learning environment for our students.

Citizens Financial Advisory Committee

The Citizen’s Financial Advisory Committee is charged with examining educational funding for the District, considering current and proposed program offerings, and recommending a course of action for the Governing Board that may or may not include a recommendation to seek an override of the maintenance and operations budget and/or a bond recommendation.

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School Site Based Council

Each school has a Site Based Council comprised of school leaders, staff, families and community members. For more information on participating on a school's Site Based Council, please contact the school office.

Madison Budget Advisory Committee & Interest Based Negotiations Information

The Governing Board recognizes that money and its management constitute the foundation of the entire school program. To make that support as effective as possible, the Boards intends to:

  • Encourage short- and long-rang planning through the best possible budget procedures.
  • Explore all practical and legal sources of monetary income.
  • Guide the expenditure of funds to achieve the greatest educational returns.
  • Require maximum efficiency in accounting and reporting procedures.
  • Maintain, within budget limits, a level of per-student expenditure needed to provide high-quality education.

To meet that goal, a budget development process that is transparent and actively involves the Board, district staff and parents/community was established. The budget development process is interdependent with Governing Board direction and Budget Advisory Committee and Interest Based Negotiation (IBN) recommendations.

Budget Advisory Committee

The Budget Advisory Committee is a Superintendent appointed committee that reviews the Maintenance & Operations budget capacity and external influences to determine recommendations for budget priorities to the Superintendent. One of the members of the committee also serves on the IBN Team, and is the liaison between the two groups.

Interest Based Negotiation Team

The Interest Based Negotiation Team is comprised of three subgroups: certified, classified and administrative. The team discusses and makes recommendations on salaries and benefits and working conditions.

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