Spanish Immersion

  • Madison Heights Elementary offers a 50/50 Spanish Immersion program where half of the academic content is learned in Spanish.

    At Heights, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts are learned in Spanish. Reading, Writing, and Math are learned in English.

    The Spanish Immersion program at Heights uses a team approach where the teachers in a team will consist of one teacher for Reading, Math and Writing and one Spanish Immersion teacher for Social Studies, Science and a Spanish Language class. During the day the team will switch for instruction. Also, students will start one morning receiving English instruction and the next morning receiving Spanish instruction and continue to alternate each morning.

    Madison Heights has certified bilingual teachers in the classroom, utilizes the National ACTFL standards, and all students are assessed by the independent National AAPPL Assessment. Parents also receive reports on their child’s listening, reading, writing, and speaking ability.