Facility Rental

  • Madison School District recognizes that because our schools are at the heart of central Phoenix, community groups may wish to utilize District facilities for meetings, sporting activities, and other functions.

    The Madison School District encourages the use of school buildings and grounds by the community for educational, recreational, civic, and cultural activities to the extent possible under the law. The District believes that school facilities are an important resource in developing and sustaining lifelong learning, in promoting intergovernmental cooperation, and in encouraging citizen participation in community activities.

    In order to maintain the condition of our facilities and protect the safety and security of our students, the Governing Board has approved policies regarding facility usage. Generally, these require that groups using District facilities provide proof of public liability and property damage insurance, complete a facility usage contract, have the contract approved by the Director of Community Education, pay appropriate fees and provide adequate adult supervision for children.

    Madison School District is currently transitioning to a new facility reservation system. The new system is expected to be available by October 15, 2022. If you have any questions, please contact Kyle DiMatteo at (602) 664-7720.

    For information on facility use for the Madison Center for the Arts, please call (602) 664-7777.