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Group of kindergarten students at a table playing with blocks

Madison Elementary School District offers full-day kindergarten at all of our elementary schools and K-8 Traditional Academy.

Free full-day kindergarten programs are offered at Madison’s Title 1 schools: Madison Camelview and Madison Rose Lane. Fee-based full day programs are offered at Madison Simis, Madison Heights, and Madison Traditional Academy. The fee is $215 per month.

Full-day kindergarten is an extension of the state’s half-day program for math and language arts. The Madison full-day programs provide a deeper understanding of language arts, with a focus on the literacy elements of phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, science, and social studies. The full-day programs also provide an enriched experience in the arts.

Students are grouped for literacy according to their academic needs. Those who meet district benchmarks are placed into an enriched group as described above, and those requiring additional support in literacy receive intervention.


To register your child for kindergarten, please visit our enrollment page.

Madison’s Community Education department handles the fee payments for the fee-based full-day kindergarten program. Please visit the Registrations & Payments page for more on registration dates and payment information.

Frequently Asked Questions