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Athletics - Required Documents

Student athletes with their hands in the air

Athletic Forms

Dear Parents and Student Athletes,

For the 2023-2024 school year, the Madison Athletic Department has adopted a new
student athlete clearance process called Aktivate (formerly known as Register My
Athlete). This automated process will revolutionize how student athletes are cleared.
Currently, the process is paper driven with the parents having to fill out all the forms
manually and physically submit the forms to the Athletic Director and his/her Admin.
Assistant who verify the documents by hand. This is a cumbersome and time
consuming activity for all parties.

Aktivate alleviates much of this burden from the parents, Athletic Directors and their
Admin. Assistants. The clearing process is totally automated and all the parent needs
to do is create an account for their child in the Aktivate portal and follow the easy step
by step directions to complete and fill out the required athletic forms. All the forms
have been uploaded to the program and the parent just needs to print them off,
complete and sign them, and upload them to the portal. Once this is complete, the AD
or Admin. Assistant can check the portal and review the child’s information. If
everything is complete, the AD can electronically approve the packet and the student
athlete is cleared to participate in the athletic program. If there is a deficiency, the AD
can send an email to the parent notifying the parent of the deficiency and the steps to
correct it. Parents will be able to access the Aktivate Portal starting May 12, 2023 to
register their child for the fall athletic season.

To better assist the parent on accessing the Aktivate Portal, please click on the
following instructional links which will provide detailed instructions on how the parent
can create an account and how to upload the required documents. (This can be
accomplished on a computer or a smart phone.)


If you have any questions or need personal assistance, you can contact your school’s
Athletic Director or the District Athletic Director. 

In closing, I am excited for the new school year and Aktivate will greatly expedite the
student clearance process which will improve the athletic experience for both our
student athletes, parents, coaches and Athletic Directors.


Dr. John Renouard

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