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Student Survey Information

Hand holding a pencil filling out a sheet of paper

Policy JRR-R requires districts to provide parents/guardians with a copy of a student survey and obtain informed consent from the parent/guardian at least seven (7) days before administering the survey. A parent of a pupil may at any time revoke consent for the pupil to participate in any survey. The District shall provide any available information about the survey in a timely manner to the parent/guardian of the student.  

This regulation applies to any survey that solicits personal information about the pupil regarding any of the following:

1.  Critical appraisals of another person with whom a pupil has a close relationship.

2.  Gun or ammunition ownership.

3.  Illegal, antisocial or self-incriminating behavior.

4.  Income or other financial information.

5.  Legally recognized privileged or analogous relationships, such as relationships with a lawyer, physician or member of the clergy.

6.  Medical history or medical information.

7.  Mental health history or mental health information.

8.  Political affiliations, opinions or beliefs.

9.  Pupil biometric information.

10.  The quality of home interpersonal relationships.

11.  Religious practices, affiliations or beliefs.

12.  Self-sufficiency as it pertains to emergency, disaster and essential services interruption planning.

13.  Sexual behavior or attitudes.

14.  Voting history.