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Parent volunteer helping children pot a plant into a planter

Volunteer with Madison School District

At Madison, we understand how important it is to provide meaningful opportunities for parent and community involvement. Volunteering at your child’s school, whether in the classroom or on a field trip, is a great way to stay connected to your child's education. Madison also has opportunities for members of our community to get involved with their local schools as well.

The District continues to value our volunteers and appreciate their time and energy to assist in the classroom and at school. Volunteers will be permitted on Madison campuses with approval from site administration. Volunteers are required to complete the volunteer process by filling out the volunteer application. Volunteers may be limited during the school day. 

As part of Madison's safety and security initiatives, we have implemented a visitor management system. Visitors will need to complete a registration process one time at a Madison school.

Visitors will be encouraged to provide a valid government photo ID at every visit as it allows visitors to check in instantly. Other forms of identification will be accepted but will take a longer time to process.

A complete list of available volunteer opportunities for each school is available in the volunteer application.

Volunteer Process

There are a number of opportunities for families to be involved in their child's educational experience and school community:

  • Attend school sponsored family nights (such as Math Night, etc.)
  • Join the school's parent teacher organization (PTO)
  • Attend PTO sponsored events
  • Participate in the school's Site-Based Committee
  • Register to volunteer at your child's school site

For more information about opportunities to get involved with your child's school, please visit the "Get Involved" page for the school site or contact your child's school.