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Student Spotlight

2 young girls smiling with traditional Native American performers

April Student Spotlight

The aim of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme is to ask students to strive for different attributes that nurture creative thinking and develop a respect for their personal culture and that of others.  IB Student, Eliza Torrey, displays many of the attributes of the IB learner profile, particularly in her ability to inquire and take creative risks.  Her studies in ceramic art this year were not just about learning the craft but also about exploring her cultural identity. She demonstrates a curiosity about her ancestry and celebrates her Native American roots in her work.  Her thoughtfulness that bridged the gap between her creative ideas and her culture makes her a stand out candidate for the Madison Student Spotlight.

March Student Spotlight

Micah is a 7th grade student at Madison #1 and has been in the Madison school district since Kindergarten. Micah is part of the Navajo Nation and has relatives that she visits regularly on the reservation. Micah is proud of her Navajo culture and shares that taking care of the land and honoring mother earth is important to her family. Micah shared that food is very important to her heritage and she enjoys cooking traditional foods, like mutton, with her grandparents. One of Micah’s favorite things about visiting the reservation is listening to the men singing morning songs and playing the drums. Micah is also proud to be an indigenous skater and wants to increase the representation of indigenous peoples in the skating community.

February Student Spotlight 

photo of Kyrene


Kyrene is a leader on the Park campus.  She is the current Vice President of the Park Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.  She is on the Yearbook staff; photographing events and designing yearbook layouts.  She is involved in both band and stomp. She has been a member of both band and stomp for all 3 years that she has been at Park.  She helps lead the Honors Band and is also a student leader in the beginning band, assisting newer players.  

January Student Spotlight 

Rose Lane’s very own superstar, Dakota, is a third grader in Mrs. Breen’s class. We are immensely proud to recognize Dakota for her incredible performance at Camelview’s PTA picnic. She danced a Jingledance with live drumming from Medicine Butte! Dakota shows incredible leadership and has a great heart! Dakota and Nana perform outreach to benefit Stolen People Stolen Benefits. Weekly, theydistribute care packages which include food, blankets, and hygiene items to unsheltered relatives. She is a notable example of a genuine person who SOARS (Safe, Organized, Accountable, Respectful) at RoseLane! Thank you, Dakota for being the best you! Mrs. Breen – “Dakota is a wonderful student. She is a hard worker and puts her whole self into her work. She is very kind to her friends and always works to make sure everyone is included. She is a great example of a friend. She also loves to share her culture and will take any moment to tell a beautiful story about her Native American Heritage.”