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Preschool classroom with alphabet strip and whiteboard

The Early Years are Learning Years!

The early years are a crucial period of learning and development for children. Madison’s preschool program cares for each child in ways that are appropriate to his or her age and level of development, helping them build a strong foundation for learning and growth.

Madison’s Early Childhood Program uses an evidence-based curriculum, World of Wonders for Early Learners. World of Wonders for Early Learners builds a strong foundation for early literacy and provides developmentally appropriate instruction for early learners, ages three to five, including cross-curricular activities, a focus on social-emotional development, and preparation for kindergarten and beyond. Our preschool experiences are aligned with the Arizona Early Learning Standards.

Preschoolers coloring pictures together using paper and markers
Board of paintings made by preschoolers of Picasso-inspired flowers

All preschool World of Wonders Curriculum skills are aligned with Arizona Early Childhood Education Standards. Areas of focus include:

  • Movement and coordination

  • Autonomy
  • Social skills
  • Work habits
  • Language and literacy
  • Mathematical reasoning and number sense
  • Orientation in time and space
  • Scientific reasoning and the physical world
  • Music
  • Visual arts

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