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Destruction of Records

Destruction of Special Education Records

Pursuant to ARS 41-1347, the district destroys all psychological and special education records on students five years after those students have been dismissed from special education or have withdrawn from the district. The district maintains a permanent record of their special education services with the student’s name, date of birth, ethnicity and special education eligibility.

Parents have the right to inspect and review all educational records, and all other rights guaranteed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Public Notice for Destruction of Records

The Madison Elementary School District retains student cumulative files for three years after the student’s promotion or withdrawal from the district. Following a student’s 8th grade promotion, or when a withdrawn student turns 16 years old, permanent student records are archived to microfilm.

Only basic identifying information (student name, date of birth, student number), immunization records, last grade reports, and last State standardized test results are permanently archived, when applicable.

All cumulative student records (except for permanent information stored on microfilm) will be destroyed three years after the school year of last attendance. Special Education records are retained for five years after the student is withdrawn or dismissed from Special Ed. Special Ed records are not microfilmed.

Before any records are destroyed, parents have the right to review and obtain copies of their child’s records. Please contact Madison School District, Student Records Department at (602) 664-7958.