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School Counseling & Social Worker Referral Pathway

Step 1 - Student Identified

  • Madison staff member, parent or student observes and reports a concern with a student.

  • Alternate sources of data indicate a student may benefit from additional support

Step 2 - Referral to School Counselor or Social Worker

  • A referral form is filled out by the parent/guardian, staff member, or student, and is submitted to the School Counselor or Social Worker at the respective school.

Step 3 - Consent to Assess Needs

  • Upon receiving consent from the parent/guardian the school counselor or social worker will meet with the student to determine the level of services needed.

  • A full length DESSA may be recommended at this time and with parent consent will be completed by the classroom teacher.

Step 4 - Access to Services

  • Student receives school based counseling services with counselor or social worker.