2020-2021 Transportation Guidelines

  • On Buses

    • Students will stand together, at the bus stop, while still observing social distancing guidelines. Signage will be posted on the exterior of the bus which communicates which symptoms may be seen with COVID-19 and that students exhibiting symptoms should not enter the bus.
    • Parents are encouraged to accompany children at the bus stop to ensure distancing is maintained.
    • If a bus driver or aide observes a student exhibiting visible COVID-19 symptoms:
      • The driver will contact their dispatcher who will notify the school that a potentially symptomatic student is arriving and should see the school health associate or nurse.
      • If the parent is at the bus stop, the driver or aide will inform the parent that visible symptoms are observed and advise the parent that the child should call in sick or that the school’s health office may be contacting the parent when the child arrives at school if the parent refuses to take the child home from the bus stop.
      • The driver or aide will, if possible, ensure that the student is socially distanced.
    • If a student has a chronic condition such as allergies or asthma, parents should inform staff of that condition. If staff has been so informed, students with symptoms of runny nose or cough related to allergies should be permitted to ride the bus.

    Bus Seating

    • Madison will transport those who rely on busing services and will spread out riders as much as possible to create distancing given bus capacity. Drivers, aides, and students will be required to wear a face mask.
      • The bus driver will instruct students to load the bus from back to front to avoid students passing one another. When unloading, they will unload from front to back.
      • The driver will instruct students to take seats that are spaced from one another as ridership allows. Depending on the number of students riding the bus, spacing students may not be possible.
      • The driver will keep the seat immediately behind them unoccupied if feasible.
      • Siblings may sit together.
    • Transportation will follow the same face covering guidelines outlined for all student and staff. If students are not wearing a face covering when entering the bus, then one will be provided for them.


    Additional Bus Info

    Students will be expected to utilize provided hand sanitizer when entering and exiting buses.

    Elementary students riding the bus will be dismissed 15 minutes ahead of their classmates and buses will depart before the remaining students are dismissed.

    School buses will be disinfected with an EPA-approved product twice daily: Once after the morning routes and once in the afternoon. If time permits, additional cleaning may be done throughout the day. After disinfection activities are completed, windows will be opened to allow the bus to ventilate and air-dry.

    Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Transportation office 602-664-7701.