About Madison Virtual Academy

  • A Madison Education, Wherever You Are

    Madison Virtual Academy (MVA) provides high-quality education online for Arizona students in grades 3 through 8.

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    MVA’s unique online experience offers:

    • Flexibility - A combination of daily live online instruction and self-paced courses allows students the ability to customize their schedule.
    • Established, proven curriculum - MVA utilizes Madison School District's adopted curriculum, including Math, Science, English Language Arts and Social Studies.
    • Structure and Growth - All courses outline expectations and benchmarks of achievement. Students participate in national and state testing to monitor their progress.
    • Technology - Students can use an assigned district computer or their own device to access courses. Students and families also have access to Technology Support for assistance.
    • In-Person Opportunities - MVA students can participate in in-person activities with other Madison students such as Science Labs, field trips, Special Area classes, clubs, and teams.
    • Student and Family Support - All online live instruction and self-pacing courses are guided by Madison teachers who ensure students are on-track and are available for additional help. Parent/Teacher conferences help families monitor their student's progress to ensure the best academic experience for their student.
Image of math symbols, science beaker with green liquid, and plant growing in dirt
  • Math & Science

    MVA's math courses are self-paced with monitoring by a Madison teacher. Students progress through Madison's adopted math program, using programs ALEKS, Redbird, and Illuminate. Students have the possibility to earn High School credit.

    Courses include:

    • Elementary Mathematics
    • Middle School Mathematics
    • Pre-Algebra
    • Algebra 1
    • Geometry
    • Algebra 2
    • Pre-Calculus

    MVA science courses are semi-self-paced using Madison's adopted science curriculum. Weekly recorded science lessons from a Madison teacher will be available for students to complete within a flexible schedule. MVA students will also have opportunities to participate in onsite science labs and field trips.

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  • English Language Arts & Social Studies

    English Language Arts (ELA) and Social Studies courses feature daily live online group instruction with a Madison teacher. ELA and Social Studies courses follow the Madison adopted curriculum. Classes are 135 minutes daily for grades 3-5 and 90 minutes daily for grades 6-8. Teachers include social and emotional learning within the lessons. Attendance is taken during this class; students must be present online during the designated class time.

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  • Special Area Opportunities

    MVA students have the ability to participate in special area activities online or at one of our physical school sites.

    Online opportunities include P.E., art, music, dance and live interactions with classmates.

    School site opportunities include P.E., dance, sports, extracurricular activities and clubs, music, art, field trips, and spelling bees. 

Whole Child logo. Text: Focused on the Whole Child: Academic, Social, Emotional
  • Social/Emotional Wellness

    Madison School District focuses on educating the whole child, which includes not only their academics, but also their social and emotional well-being. MVA students have flexible schedules to meet their needs, screen time is monitored, students have access to office hours for teachers for all courses, IT Help Desk for technical difficulties, as well as direct access to teachers and school counselors to support them.

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