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Gold Award for Madison Food and Nutrition Services Department

 Madison School District was recently awarded a Gold Award for the 2023 Summer Farm Fresh Challenge from the Arizona Department of Education's Health & Nutrition Services!  


The Farm Fresh Challenge is an initiative to empower child nutrition program operators to create excitement around fresh and locally sourced foods. This challenge included activities focused on TASTE, TEACH and CONNECT during a one-week timeframe in June. 


🍓TASTE: Our Food & Nutrition Services department served locally sourced meal components (ex: grain, dairy, fresh fruit or veggies, eggs, or meat) during the week. Our students were treated with bruschetta cups, Mexican dip, strawberries, banana cream milk and buffalo mozzarella salad. All were made with fresh ingredients from local farms. 


🍓TEACH: Our Food & Nutrition Services department hosted educational activities themed around local Arizona agriculture and food. Madison hosted a taste test and surveyed students who tried chicken fajita bowls.


🍓CONNECT: Our Food & Nutrition Services department shared information about the Farm Fresh Challenge and the challenge activities on their Instagram account @madisonaz_fs.


Congratulations to our Food & Nutrition services for their awesome dedication to providing a variety of tastes to the menu! 🎉