8/10/2020 - Updated Face Covering Guidance

Posted by Madison Communications on 8/10/2020

Madison's Doctor Parent Advisory Panel recently shared a new mask study with administration. In a recent study, different types of masks were analyzed to determine effectiveness. All masks had at least some benefit except for a neck fleece/bandana, which offered very little protection. The neck fleece/bandana may actually create more respiratory droplets while the wearer is speaking. This study indicates that the neck fleece/bandana breaks down larger droplets into several smaller droplets, therefore increasing the droplet count.

Universal masking is still required at all Madison school/work sites for both employees and students. However, after reviewing this updated research and consulting with Madison's Doctor Parents, a neck fleece/bandana should not be worn. If a student or staff member is in need of a mask, one will be provided to them.

To read the study, please click here.