1/11/2022 Important COVID-19 Updates Regarding Testing, Communication, Etc.

Posted by Madison Communications on 1/11/2022

Hello Madison Families,

Please review the important COVID-19 updates below regarding rapid testing, communication changes, classroom coverage, bus routes, and face coverings. Thank you.

Rapid Tests

  • There are limited rapid tests available. We had enough tests to last a month when we returned from Winter Break. However, the State cannot fill our usual order and with the dramatic rise in demand, we are set to run out of tests by Thursday, if not sooner.
  • We have found a vendor that can provide us with a two-week supply. However, we are not sure when that shipment will arrive.
  • The District may have to suspend the Mask Test-to-Stay program if we do not secure additional tests.
  • This could mean staff and students may have to quarantine at home if they cannot be tested.
    • Reminder: the Maricopa County Department of Public Health has shortened the number of days needed to quarantine to 5 days.
  • This also means we may not have rapid tests available for individuals participating in our weekly batch testing program.

COVID-19 Communication Updates

  • We are suspending the contact and general notices that we normally send out due to a large increase in case numbers and a high volume of emails being sent to families.
  • You will still be notified if your child has been directly exposed and needs to quarantine or participate in the Mask Test-to-Stay program.
    • You can monitor updated case numbers on the District website here: www.madisonaz.org/Page/514

Classroom Coverage

  • We are doing all that we can to avoid combining classrooms.
  • Each school is unique and may address substitute availability and shortages differently.
  • Some elementary schools are canceling specials in order to utilize special area teachers to cover classrooms.

Bus Routes

  • We are experiencing bus driver absences due to illness.
  • Some routes have already been delayed but not canceled.
  • We are doing all that we can to minimize disruption to transportation.

Face Coverings

  • The CDC may update their face covering recommendations to protect against the Omicron variant.
  • It will be vital to have your students wear the proper face covering to reduce the spread of the virus in school.

Thank you,

Madison School District